Workshops & Seminars

1. Wealth management for women (Indian women should be aware of their financial and legal rights as daughters, wives, mothers and working women.

A wealth management workshop in progress with me addressing participants

An Indian woman is called the Lakshmi of her home. But in the bygone eras, she rarely owned or earned wealth. Today, women build and manage wealth! Indeed, some of India’s top bankers are women! Here, I am addressing a group on wealth management and entrepreneurship!

2. I had the opportunity to create workshops on many interesting subjects. The subjects challenged me and brought me in contact with several experts and groups of students. Among these were women wanting to find careers in the insurance sector, young people wanting to be tourist guides and NGOs working for fair trade.

My entrepreneurship seminar for women

The variety of workshops that I conducted added significantly to my own knowledge and networking skills. I talked to fair trade promotion groups, insurance executives and most important, tourist guides for visitors to India. When I meet them today, I feel a great sense of satisfaction.

3. Entrepreneurship for women - India has the second largest number of entrepreneurs in the world and women contribute the highest wealth to the nation as compared with women of other nations, according to surveys. I have edited guides for small scale entrepreneurship among small town and rural women and addressed many groups on this subject.

TV, Crafts

4. Crafts and Festivals - One highlight among several assignments is that I worked with an Australian television production group to create a series of programmes called ‘Feast India’ on Indian festive food for Fox TV. The colourful, popular programme continues to be shown repeatedly on Discovery Channel even today.

Australian Dreampool Productions TV Crew at Viva Paschim

India’s wonderful cuisines and festivals have always held the world spellbound. The crew of Dreampool Productions from Australia came to cover Diwali in Mumbai. I planned their shoots with flowers, rangolis and food displays. They loved the food at Viva Paschim!



Festive flower decor for Citibank


Among the many workshops I designed was one for Citibank, wherein my team demonstrated festive floral decor for a home and the use of decorative candles with plants and floral bouquets. This was a popular function for women bankers and their clients.


In Mumbai, there are many women’s groups who have expertise in doing Rangolis. Some of them worked with me for the Dreampool Productions and Citibank projects. The Dreampool Production show for TV, called Feast India, is shown several times on various international channels.





5. Food demos for television channels in India.

6. Interviews on several subjects for TV channels.

7. Scripts for TV shows such as Houseful (A countdown show of Bollywood songs).

8. All India Radio and Doordarshan programmes were presented by me regularly and I judged AIR’s annual feature competition for many years. I worked for the Press Guild of India for years and hosted media dignitaries from all countries on behalf of the press corps.